Welcome to『Ruscello』!!

Nice to meet you, I'm "Ruscello"!

What is Ruscello?
Means "river" in Italian.

Milan, Italy, 10,000 km away from Japan

Also known as the Milan Collection
From Milan, the city on the cutting edge of fashion
We are purchasing products.

the concept is
"Adding luxury to everyday life"
Close the distance between Milan and customers,
We will help you with your "encounter"
with items that can be used for a long time
a famous fashion brand
luxury brand items
We handle a lot.

Through local bulk purchasing and thorough cost reduction
Luxury items from Milan
We will offer you a better price in Japan.

in a simple everyday outfit
1 item of your choice

through fashion
Excited and excited, the mood suddenly brightens.

I wish I could help you with that.

By all means, meet with wonderful items at Ruscello
Please enjoy.

We have established an official Instagram account.
The latest items in stock, coupons and sale information, etc.
We are sending at any time.