LUIS VUITTON Shawl Monogram M71336 <Graige>

¥64,800 ¥70,400

Product Specifications

Size: 139 x 139cm
Item Number: M71336

  • Color: Greige
  • Material: 60% silk, 40% wool
  • Monogram pattern with jacquard weave
  • made in Italy
  • Accessories body

"Shawl Monogram" made of a silk and wool blend material that is soft and warm to the touch. A classic and timeless piece that reinterprets the Monogram pattern and the Louis Vuitton Paris signature in a jacquard weave.

■------------------------------------------------- -- ■

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton opened in Paris in 1854.
[Louis Vuitton] was founded as a store specializing in the manufacture of travel trunks.

The trunk that floats on the water became popular, and in 1959, it announced the [Monogram], which should be called a symbol. In 1896, the second generation Giorgio Vuitton proposed a pattern combining L and V with flowers and stars. Since 1998, it has also entered clothing and has become a popular brand in the world.

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